Friday, 25 January 2013

Contact Center Software

Today contact centers software are putting greater emphasis on providing the right kind of services to their customers, while understanding customer wants and a greater insight into customer requirements. Call centers are innovating ways and means to support their customers more proactively through newer contact center technology as these centers try to reach beyond the conventional ways and include agents with specific skill sets to serve the specific requirements of their customers. IP adoption continues to grow for virtual call centers, and with this, these centers are becoming more and more efficient in handling large number of customers while saving cost.

The next tier of call centers may seem to be more complex technically in handling customer relationship management. However, adopting newer contact center technology is the easiest way to succeed; all you have to do is to do it right without any visible mistakes. For keeping the cost low, call centers use different statistics. Some would reduce staffing because not enough calls are coming in from customers, and some would reduce cost by looking at the number of calls received by representatives, and also call wait times, dropped calls and call queue length. Contact center technology offers various tools to manage customer relationship, and some of these are as follows:

Phone Systems:

The phone system is amongst the most important tools in a call center. Contact center technology offers Automatic Call Distribution which is a system which helps distribution of calls. Basic information, such as available agents and their skill sets, the priority level of customers, the waiting time, etc are all logged into the system at the initial stages. By this, specific calls are automatically routed to specific skilled agents. This method helps to balance the over-all load of the incoming calls making wait time minimum. The phone system also allows an Interactive Voice Response system which allows queuing of incoming calls.

Contact management:

The contact management system contains loaded information for your customers. This part of the database contains a listing of the orders that you have received from each customer, and a good contact center technology would be able to provide you with the details of all interaction that have taken place between you and your customers. The contact center technology should be able to handle any kind of calls coming in. It should be able to deal with calls where the customer would be looking for a billing inquiry or delivery status, placing an order on the phone, etc.

E-mail Management:

In effect e-mail management is a part of contact management tool, but with many organizations this is offered as an option to their customers so that there could be extra earnings. At times it becomes necessary to continue discussions with a particular customer based on a single e-mail thread and this helps in referencing all past conversations. There is another great tool which integrates with e-mail, and this takes care of the language by interacting with the customer.

Contact center software offers more advantages that what discussed above, and adopting newer versions offer more opportunities in customer relationship management.

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Contact Center Software Solutions

In the present scenario, contact centers are becoming one of the significant interfaces between organizations and their consumers. If an organization is providing greater service, it would lead to loyal and more satisfied customers and its result will be more business. On the other hand, if an organization fails to satisfy them it can reduce the prospective for producing more business and to the worst it can cause consumers to go elsewhere. Now call centers have switched to hosted solutions through which an organization can reap the benefit and thus maximize profit. The benefits of contact center solutions are available to a broad range of organizations as services, set- up, maintenance & upgrades which are more flexible and affordable with SaaS.

Prior to these solutions, small organizations could not afford & maintain the heavy expense of usual software services. These hosted solutions are also dealing with contact center software. This hosted contact center software makes sense for an organization to reconsider finances & techniques of maintaining consumer service. As more & more organizations are facing modern economic challenges, these industries are expanding. These solutions are also known by the name of VOIP solutions. These all solutions concentrate on matters like lead generation, superlative consumer care service, one call decision, lead generation and building best relations with the user.

Through these call center solutions an organization gets many advantages like:

Network administration scalability - Under these solutions, it is easy to regulate network pattern by adding or extending the telephonic or internet lines on the demand of an organization.

No geographic limits - Another benefit from these solutions is that an organization can set their contact center in any part of the world.

Flexibility - These solutions provides universal services which suits the user configuration & also provides appropriate bandwidth.

Bandwidth efficiency - Due to these solutions, call can increase their bandwidth efficiency as there are many terminals sharing the same connection with that network.

One of the other software in these contact centers is virtual call center software. Through these advantages, an organization will be able to save money and its organizational development will improve. Many Companies now used this and they happy with this software. To conclude, it is seen that these solutions are the best way to interact with customers all over the world. Setting up these solutions will surely increase the business profits & thereby making a businessman's life simple to survive and enjoy.

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Contact Center Management Software

Contact Center Software Review - Performix Performance Management

The global expansion of the contact center industry and the advancement in technology has significantly increased people's expectations. It is therefore critical that your company meets all goals and embraces the latest software ideas. IEX Corporation has developed a program known as Performix Performance Manager which will help you to considerably reduce administration time, allowing you to focus on your business needs.

The program supplies businesses with an incorporated scorecard which helps with the consolidation process and reduces the amount of wasted paperwork. The scorecard details the performance records of all of your staff and also allows the employees themselves to monitor their performance records. Everybody can see whether or not they are meeting targets and the areas that they need to really focus on.

There are a number of different programs included in this package which include the following:

Performix Development Manager: this allows you to include training teams in your performance figures. You can monitor the training process to see how the new recruits are getting on and which ones really stand out. This not only allows you a complete overview of your business, but also cuts down on training costs as your new employees can see for themselves how they are doing.

Performix Evaluation Manager: this program will supply your company with online evaluation forms as well as reminders to those who have not filled theirs out. Your employees can download them and complete them when required. You can write your own questions and customize the entire process to your needs. You are able to retrieve any employees evaluation records at the touch of a button and this evaluation can be interlinked to performance records and annual appraisals.

Performix Recruiting Manager: this program allows you to computerize, monitor and improve the entire hiring procedure. You will be able to ensure that only the right people get the job and maximize their potential - again saving time and money. The Recruiting Manager makes the procedure of hiring new staff a lot quicker and more efficient. You can even sort out which candidates are not performing as well as they should within the first week by comparing their statistics with each other's and previous candidates.

Workforce Management System Integration: this management system will help you to install any new Performix programs. You will be given access to information on TotalView which allows you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs). You will be able to synchronize information about each call center agent and performance related information which like many of these programs cuts down on the need for vast paper trails. You data will be a lot more accurate as well as easier to retrieve.

The benefits of Performix Performance Management are obvious and without it, you run the risk of your business falling behind others who invest in this latest technology. In today's developing technological world, you can't afford to have anything but the latest arrivals to help you streamline your business and cut costs. Performix have proven results and offer excellent solutions for all of your business needs.

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