Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Call Center Services and Training

While service industry is booming, call center services and training has become very important. A call center is but a telephone-receiving station that serves as customer a voice-based customer support center for various clients. It is a toll-free line that responds to the customer calls and delivers them relevant information. The customer need not have to do the legwork or undergo the tedious process. The call center executive locates the right person, passes customer queries, and keeps the orders/complaints.

Large airlines, banks, telephone operators, mutual funds and manufacturing companies have generally their own customer cares. And small and medium sized organizations outsource their customer support services to large call center services companies. Call centers whether in-house or offshore, helps the companies concentrate on their core operations.

A call center provides trained consultants and adequate telecom facilities. It has access to a wide database, internet and other online information and support infrastructure. Mostly it operates 24x7.

Customer cares have become a mandatory feature in the service industry where customer support plays a crucial role in getting competitive edge. Because, the primary determinant in these industries is frequent interaction with a broad client base. No wonder, that's why they have become so popular in developed countries such as the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. And steadily that trend is coming into developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. But so far, the major call enter companies set ups in these countries serve as the offshore centers for the multi-national companies of US and Europe. Nonetheless, domestic call centers are also booming.

Call Center Support Tools:
  • Help Desk Solutions: Help desk combines web-based versatility with desktop to help call support executive with a more efficient customer-service or help desk operation. It is a powerful and easy to use, fully featured help desk application that allows organizations to effectively manage internal and external client support. Help desk provides a single, shared database for logging help desk issues, notifying support personnel and tracking problem resolution.
  • Predictive Dialers: It is an automated dialing system that empowers call centers so that they can spend most of the time talking to live customers. Predictive dialers detect answering machines, busy signals and ringing tones where no one can answer the phone. The dialers screen these calls to ensure agents speak to live people.
  • Call Monitoring: It lets you listen to and record agents' calls. It enables you to provide feedback to agents understand what's good about their performance and the improvement measures. It ensures that the customers receive quality service from call center.
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