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Contact Center Software Solutions

In the present scenario, contact centers are becoming one of the significant interfaces between organizations and their consumers. If an organization is providing greater service, it would lead to loyal and more satisfied customers and its result will be more business. On the other hand, if an organization fails to satisfy them it can reduce the prospective for producing more business and to the worst it can cause consumers to go elsewhere. Now call centers have switched to hosted solutions through which an organization can reap the benefit and thus maximize profit. The benefits of contact center solutions are available to a broad range of organizations as services, set- up, maintenance & upgrades which are more flexible and affordable with SaaS.

Prior to these solutions, small organizations could not afford & maintain the heavy expense of usual software services. These hosted solutions are also dealing with contact center software. This hosted contact center software makes sense for an organization to reconsider finances & techniques of maintaining consumer service. As more & more organizations are facing modern economic challenges, these industries are expanding. These solutions are also known by the name of VOIP solutions. These all solutions concentrate on matters like lead generation, superlative consumer care service, one call decision, lead generation and building best relations with the user.

Through these call center solutions an organization gets many advantages like:

Network administration scalability - Under these solutions, it is easy to regulate network pattern by adding or extending the telephonic or internet lines on the demand of an organization.

No geographic limits - Another benefit from these solutions is that an organization can set their contact center in any part of the world.

Flexibility - These solutions provides universal services which suits the user configuration & also provides appropriate bandwidth.

Bandwidth efficiency - Due to these solutions, call can increase their bandwidth efficiency as there are many terminals sharing the same connection with that network.

One of the other software in these contact centers is virtual call center software. Through these advantages, an organization will be able to save money and its organizational development will improve. Many Companies now used this and they happy with this software. To conclude, it is seen that these solutions are the best way to interact with customers all over the world. Setting up these solutions will surely increase the business profits & thereby making a businessman's life simple to survive and enjoy.

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Contact Center Management Software

Contact Center Software Review - Performix Performance Management

The global expansion of the contact center industry and the advancement in technology has significantly increased people's expectations. It is therefore critical that your company meets all goals and embraces the latest software ideas. IEX Corporation has developed a program known as Performix Performance Manager which will help you to considerably reduce administration time, allowing you to focus on your business needs.

The program supplies businesses with an incorporated scorecard which helps with the consolidation process and reduces the amount of wasted paperwork. The scorecard details the performance records of all of your staff and also allows the employees themselves to monitor their performance records. Everybody can see whether or not they are meeting targets and the areas that they need to really focus on.

There are a number of different programs included in this package which include the following:

Performix Development Manager: this allows you to include training teams in your performance figures. You can monitor the training process to see how the new recruits are getting on and which ones really stand out. This not only allows you a complete overview of your business, but also cuts down on training costs as your new employees can see for themselves how they are doing.

Performix Evaluation Manager: this program will supply your company with online evaluation forms as well as reminders to those who have not filled theirs out. Your employees can download them and complete them when required. You can write your own questions and customize the entire process to your needs. You are able to retrieve any employees evaluation records at the touch of a button and this evaluation can be interlinked to performance records and annual appraisals.

Performix Recruiting Manager: this program allows you to computerize, monitor and improve the entire hiring procedure. You will be able to ensure that only the right people get the job and maximize their potential - again saving time and money. The Recruiting Manager makes the procedure of hiring new staff a lot quicker and more efficient. You can even sort out which candidates are not performing as well as they should within the first week by comparing their statistics with each other's and previous candidates.

Workforce Management System Integration: this management system will help you to install any new Performix programs. You will be given access to information on TotalView which allows you to monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs). You will be able to synchronize information about each call center agent and performance related information which like many of these programs cuts down on the need for vast paper trails. You data will be a lot more accurate as well as easier to retrieve.

The benefits of Performix Performance Management are obvious and without it, you run the risk of your business falling behind others who invest in this latest technology. In today's developing technological world, you can't afford to have anything but the latest arrivals to help you streamline your business and cut costs. Performix have proven results and offer excellent solutions for all of your business needs.

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Call Center Software Features

Depending upon the complexity of tasks and the magnitude of the enquiry turnover, there are several types of call centre software features such as telephone call routing software, predictive diallers and call centre control software etc. available in the market place. Typically, most call centre software solutions have the following features:

Automated Outbound Dialing: Predictive Dialer, Auto Dialer, Power Dialer

Outbound dialing modes help your contact center achieve better contact rates, faster connects, reduced agent idle time, and improved data accuracy among other performance improvements. VoiceNet provides predictive, power and preview dialing modes.

Scriptable Agent Desktop

Scriptable agent desktop allows you to chose what the agent sees on the desktop: real-time call data, data from back-end systems, customer information, script text and hints and whatever else you want to make available to agents during live interactions with customers, prospects and partners.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

Integration enables unprecedented synchronization of telephone phone and customer data that empowers call center agents to offer better service and achieve higher levels of productivity. Screen pops display the critical information agents need to interact with customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Inbound IVR enables automated self-service to inbound callers, and outbound IVR promotes agentless calling and right party contact initiatives. Call centers that use IVR can expect greater agent productivity, improved service quality and significantly lower operations costs.

Call Recording

Call recording feature provides a way for contact center managers to record calls and methods for storing, organizing and accessing recordings. Recordings can be saved in multiple file formats including .wav, .vox or .mp3 files, and can be searched by a variety of parameters.

Call Monitoring

Call monitoring feature ensures quality service and facilitates agent training. Coach and monitor modes allow supervisors to either listen-only or "whisper" instructions during live calls. Monitoring also provides a view of the agent's on-screen activities, providing an additional layer of visibility.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

ACD intelligently and evenly distributes inbound telephone calls to call center agents based on their skill level and availability. The end result is improved productivity by distributing the workload evenly among call center agents and reducing hold queue times and abandoned calls.

Support for multiple telephony standards

Supports multiple telephony standards and can operate simultaneously with T-1, E-1, ISDN PRI, analog and VOIP connections.

Workforce Management

Provides management with the tools necessary to monitor and evaluate workforce performance such as determining call levels and customer service levels.


Web-based reporting portal provides a call center management team with access to comprehensive data associated with inbound and outbound call campaigns and agent activities. Users can analyze pre-built reports or create their own in a matter of minutes through a web browser.

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Call Center For Small Business

Tips on Setting Up a Customer Service Call Center for Your Small Business

When you call a business and reach a courteous, polished customer service representative, you generally feel like you're speaking with a larger company. Despite this association with bigger, more established firms, the reality is that any business can provide this level of service. With a few simple steps, deploying a customer service call center is well within the reach of even the smallest of businesses.

In this guide, I will show small business owners how easy it is to set up their own customer service call center and benefit from the professional level of service typically reserved for more established organizations. By employing an outside company to handle some of your calls, you can ease your personal customer service responsibilities, run your business better, make your customers happier, and save a lot of money in the process.

First things first: You aren't running a call center, you're hiring one

This statement is true for large organizations and start-ups alike. Unless you have the resources and skills necessary to run your own contact center, it's best to seek out an established company to provide service on your behalf. There are countless companies providing answering services for small businesses, companies that exist solely to provide telephone customer service for other organizations.

There are plenty of reasons why outsourcing the contact center aspect of customer service makes sense:
  1. The necessary equipment is expensive. It may be easy to have one person set up in your office to take calls, but once you need to include call routing, scripting, integrated software, and call distribution, it quickly becomes more sophisticated. Established outsourcing firms have this all taken care of.
  2. Hiring employees is costly and time consuming. If you hired an assistant to take your customer service calls, there's a good chance you would pay him or her more in one day than it would cost you to use a call center for a month. Plus you have to deal with scheduling, benefits, taxes, and all the other nuances of bringing on an employee.
  3. Managing a contact center takes skills you don't have. Handling call volume, staffing, quality assurance, software customization, etc. - these are things call centers deal with every day. If you tried do take all of this on you would quickly be over your head.
  4. You're best at running your business. As the above points indicate, it takes a lot to run a call center. You're doing what you do because you're good at it, so taking time away from your core responsibilities has a direct impact on your business performance. Handing this work off to another company allows you to stay focused.
So find a company that has experience working with small businesses, preferably experience with businesses in your niche, and enlist them to operate your customer service call center.

Next: Customize the service and make sure it meets your customers' needs

Here is where a lot of businesses mess up. Not taking the time to make sure your new call center actually works for your business is a recipe for disaster. If you send your callers to a call center that is unprepared, you're going to be the next example of customer service outsourcing gone wrong. You can't treat the vendor as a separate company who is solely responsible for meeting your customers' needs. That isn't their job. Their job is to perform your customer service processes in a more cost-effective and professional manner.

The key word in that last center is your; they're performing your customer service processes. So before you can use them effectively you need to know what you customer service processes are and ensure they address the issues faced by your customers. If you run a small computer repair business and callers are constantly checking the status of their repair, then you should have a system in place for keeping track of job statuses. With that system in place, you can easily make it available via the web so that your customer service call center can access it. Just like that, they're performing a simple task that you would normally be doing in your office.

Another example is appointment scheduling. If you have clients calling you to schedule appointments, don't hire a call center just to take a message; use a cloud calendar system and give your call center access, allowing them to schedule appointments for you based on your availability.

The above examples can be summarized as follows:
  • Set up systems ahead of time that address the types of calls and inquiries you receive
  • Work with your call center to integrate the systems into their operation
There's certainly tweaking that needs done in order to get things right, but repeating the above steps for the different situations that arise will ensure your call center remains in line with the rest of your business.

Lastly: Take time to listen and refine

While it is ideal to set up your call center and let it go, it would be irresponsible not to check in and make sure things are running as planned. You owe it to yourself, to your customers, and to your call center to do your part in ensuring the success of your customer service operation. By listening to calls, getting feedback from customers, and working with your vendor to make improvements where necessary, you can continually improve the effectiveness of your call center.

And there you have it, you're on your way to providing professional customer service like the big boys. Hopefully you find this guide helpful in your efforts to improve your business and better serve your customers. By using a small business answering service or contact center to work as an extension of your business and partnering with them to meet your objectives, you'll find their services extremely worthwhile.

If you have any questions regarding the process or how a call center can work with your business, I would be happy to talk with you about it. Same goes if you have worked with a call center in the past. Learning about what works and what doesn't helps me improve and I'm always available to chat.

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Call Center Software Vendors

Whenever you purchase call center software used to manage a significant part of your business operations, in the software vendor you are also choosing what will hopefully be a long-term partner for your business. Selecting the appropriate vendor is just as important as selecting the right software with the right features at the right price. Just as you may have a checklist in selecting the software such as particular functionality and pricing, when considering vendors it's helpful to have a checklist of criteria as well. If you don't do proper due diligence, you may be committing your company to an unstable relationship.

Here are some things to consider:
  • Vendor Stability
  • References
  • Software Upgrades and Version Release
  • Maintenance and Support
  • Implementation
  • Training
  • Working Demo
Here is The List of Call Center Software Vendors:
  1. 911 Emergency Broadcast -
  2. 911 Help Line -
  3. AIM Technology -
  4. AITOC, Inc. -
  5. Altimax Ltd. -
  6. Altitude Software -
  7. AmbyTech -
  8. Amcat -
  9. AngoraSoftware -
  10. App-line -
  11. Appointment Quest -
  12. Apropos Technology -
  13. Axios Systems' Service Management Software -
  14. Blue Pumpkin Software -
  15. Boniva Software, Inc. -
  16. BridgeTrak Help Desk Software -
  17. Business Link International -
  18. Business Phones Direct -
  19. -
  20. Call Center Guide -
  21. Call Center Review -
  22. Call Center Software -
  23. Calltrol Corporation -
  24. Capterra - Customer Care Software Hub -
  25. Castcom -
  26. Clickatell -
  27. Click & Care -
  28. CobbleSoft International Ltd. -
  29. CosmoCom, Inc. -
  30. Database Systems Corp -
  31. Data Connection Ltd (DCL) -
  32. Datapulse -
  33. Data-Tel Info Solutions -
  34. DevelopAll Inc. -
  35. DialResults -
  36. EasyRun -
  37. eForte Systems,Inc -
  38. ExDesk -
  39. Expertcity DesktopStreaming -
  40. Fused Solutions -
  41. Golden Bits Software, Inc. -
  42. ! -
  43. HigherGround Inc. -
  44. HTLT -
  45. ICCC -
  46. Inborne Technology -
  47. Inovaware -
  48. InStep Software -
  49. Intec -
  50. Intellicate Limited -
  51. Interalia Inc. -
  52. Iontas, Ltd. -
  53. ISC -
  54. Kaplan Communications -
  55. Katalina Technologies -
  56. Kemma Software -
  57. Knowledgelinx Corporation -
  58. Inc -
  59. Level 8 Systems, Inc. -
  60. Linktivity -
  61. Logical Software -
  62. Marcom Online Network -
  63. MaraStar -
  64. Microlease plc -
  65. NTeras -
  66. Network Programs -
  67. NetworkStreaming LLC -
  68. Nice Systems -
  69. Oracle Corporation -
  70. Parature -
  71. Parsec Technologies -
  72. Parwan Electronics Company -
  73. Proficient Systems -
  74. Pronexus Inc. -
  75. RADLAN Computer Communications Ltd. -
  76. Rainbow Software -
  77. Rapid Reach -
  78. Real World Software Limited -
  79. Rivait Software Systems Inc. -
  80. RKG Interactive -
  81. Same Page System Root Systems -
  82. Serio Helpdesk Software -
  83. Shift Schedules -
  84. Shreyan Infotech -
  85. -
  86. SkillCheck -
  87. SOFTEL Communications -
  88. Software Dynamics, Inc. -
  89. Speedware -
  90. Survey Genie -
  91. Synchrony Communications Inc. -
  92. System Management Software -
  93. T-Metrics Inc. -
  94. Telecorp products -
  95. Telegenisys India Pvt. Ltd -
  96. TelePartners Call Centre -
  97. Teltone Corporation -
  98. Time-Assistant -
  99. TimeTrade -
  100. TrackStudio Enterprise -
  101. unikBIT -
  102. UniPress Software -
  103. Universal Innovations Canada -
  104. Vocalcom -
  105. VortalSoft, Inc. -
  106. WEBsina -
  107. World Desk Pro -


ACD Call Center Software

A call centre is a facility which is mostly used by companies to provide customer service. This type of facility used to handle only incoming product support or information inquiries from consumers. However nowadays companies use call centres for a variety of activities like marketing, trouble shooting and making outbound service calls to the customers.

One defining feature of call centres is the receiving and dialling of a large volume of telephone calls. Nowadays, with high speed Internet and broadband connections available in most cities, customer servicing is also done over a variety of web media such as chat and e-mail. Since these service centres handle letters, faxes, and e-mails apart from telephone calls all at one location, they are also known as contact centres.

The physical topography of call centre offices typically consists of extensive open workspace dotted with work stations equipped with a computer and a telephone set/headset connected to a telecom switch. All the work stations are monitored by supervisors who with the help of call centre software can watch the process in real time.

The technological topography can be quite complex as modern call centres handle a variety of communication media such as voice calls, faxes, e-mails and chat. In other words, this throws up the need for a seamless interface to accommodate all of these media.

Moreover the system should be flexible and scalable enough to meet future challenges. In addition to managing all the above mentioned modes of interaction, sometimes call centres are operated or networked with additional centres.

How do call centres manage all these complex tasks with ease and provide customer satisfaction? They have at their disposal an array of software called 'call centre software' which can help managers and agents manage the inbound queries and outbound response and service calls. These software solutions also help the senior management to keep track of performance and productivity.

One of the most important pieces of call centre software is an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) which is discussed in detail below.

Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) recognizes, answers and routes incoming calls to the next available agent. Its scale can range from just a few lines for small operations to hundreds of lines for large applications and campaigns.

The ACD on receiving a call distributes it to an agent or operator, a recorded message (or Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system), or puts it on hold until an agent can receive it. This distribution is done on the basis of specific instructions, regarding the handling of the call, received from the caller or the system itself.

ACD call center software system can also act intelligently by routing the call to the specifically skilled agents or specific IVR menus by filtering the calls on many factors such as the number of the caller, country of origin, agent availability and expertise and time of day.

An example of such capability is that a person calling from France will be directed to the agent who is fluent in French and the IVR menu he/she will encounter will also be in French. This capability goes a long way in satisfying a customer and building up the image of the company as one which takes care of its customers.

An ACD system can be of use to any organization looking to satisfy its customers and other stake holders. Plus, it is also of great importance to customer service centres, inbound service bureaus and government agencies.

Today's ACD systems are far ahead of their predecessors. Digital recording, conferencing, silent observation, agent coaching and outbound call blending are some of the advanced features that modern day ACD systems are equipped with.

For more information please visit Thank you for reading.

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Medical Call Center Services

If you are a doctor then you have a responsibility to your patients. Why pay for just an answering service when you could employ the services of a medical call center? What is the difference anyway? Let's consider four reasons why a medical center service is ideal for your setting.

1. Representatives are HIPAA trained and experienced in a medical field.

Though most call center employees are experienced in telephone secretarial work, most do have medical training. However, medical training and knowledge is becoming more important in this age of rampant malpractice lawsuits. HIPAA in particular is gaining a lot of attention, as this pertains to medical records and the necessity of privacy. When you hire a medical answering service you can be assured that your workers know how the doctor's office works and what information can be legally exchanged.

2. A Medical Call Center Has its Priorities Straight

A regular call center handles all sorts of clients, from practices to retail stores and even tech support. It would be unfortunate to have to keep a patient waiting for test results or medical advice while fifty callers inquiring about computer software are ahead in line. With a medical answering service, doctors can be assured that only medical clients are handled by the company. Therefore, your patients are not competing against frivolous or less important cases.

3. A medical answering service limits the number of clients per operator.

Some outsourcing jobs burden down clients with over 150 clients per working schedule. That can be rather confusing for the operator, but even worse, because of work fatigue it can lead to numerous errors and long holding times that affect patients. Most top medical outsource companies limit their operator's clients to a modest number so that more time can be spent on each call.

As you can see, medical call centers offer a far more professional and intricate level of service. Besides this advanced level of quality, you also get some useful features like call screening. This lets you receive important messages while filtering out less important ones. You can be notified of priority messages through email, voice mail, text message, fax or pager.

When you offer your services as a physician to sick patients you are obligating yourself greatly. You are taking responsibility for their welfare. Investing in a medical call center can help you look after your patients long after your work day is done.

For more information please visit MedConnectUSA is a leading provider of medical answering services and telemessaging services. MedConnectUSA has been serving the health care industry since 1991. MedConnectUSA handles routine and emergency calls for the medical industry only and all calls are answered by HIPAA trained, US operators.

Call Center Technology

Call center technology envelops an extensive array of telecommunications software and hardware that include automated phone systems that can answer incoming calls and execute outbound autodialing. A call center is a part of an organization that is composed of call agents who perform tasks to either receive incoming calls or make outgoing calls. It is likely for centers to be fully automated without using any human agents in processing outgoing and incoming calls.

Typically, software applications that are linked to centers are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs. Here are examples of center technology associated with the phone systems of call centers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)- This is a phone system that enables a computer to determine touch and voice tones through the use of a regular phone call. It is able to respond with fast-generated or pre-recorded audio to direct callers on how to continue. This system can be utilized to manipulate nearly all functions that may involve the breakage of interfaces into simpler menu options. When IVR systems are built, they scale well in general to manage huge call volumes.

Workforce Management (WFM) has become a vital responsibility for centers. WFM has been updated with WFM software. This software is usually deployed in employee management, as well as in their HR administration, payroll and benefits, career succession, time and attendance, training management, talent management, forecasting, performance management and production supervision. Automatic job appointment and workforce management can be executed through the use of call processing programs.

A softphone is another call center technology development that has been adopted by many centers. It is an application that allows a laptop, desktop or workstation computer to work as a telephone. With this, the medium to transform telephone service and information is the computer network. The computer that is equipped with soft phone software is capable of performing the complete telephone features that are set using traditional systems that include functions like call forwarding and teleconferencing.

Customer Satisfaction Research- This approach has been popularly used by call centers to lower costs on customer acquisition and boost repeat sales. Research like this has been successful while integrating both qualitative and quantitative data to identify the real feelings of customers about the company, product or service as well as determine the impact of those feelings to the bottom line. With available innovative telephone systems, customer satisfaction research functions are optimized.

Nowadays, call centers set more focus on providing the appropriate type of services to their clients while observing their needs and requirements. For call centers, helping their clients proactively can be one by utilizing new call center technology that goes beyond the conventional customer approach.

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Predictive Dialer Software

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a set of solutions that make your business operate in a way that you can provide the satisfaction they require while you have your business operations under control. CRM is working at hand with predictive dialer software that make that your customer's service is more efficient and also you can provide engaged clients. The first thing is that you should have a vision of growing in your business because it is the key to move your business to the next level.

There are many people in business that understand that necessity of innovation and predictive dialer software has the capacity to provide not only innovation but organization that make you grow. If you have an agent or fifty agents that are operating in a call center of you company, they will have the capacity to make more efficient tasks that in consequence move them to socialize their internal capacities, multiply them through the training and then, improve your business.

The use of predictive dialer software in many organizations is the result of several years of investigation and searching for real solutions that can match with the requirements of the real world. Our real world is compounded of customers that need good services and learn a lot from the information they see online in the internet or in the television, the huge amount of things people learn everyday make them be more exigent in all aspects of life.

That's why predictive dialer software has this capacity; it can transform your organization and make it more efficient and capable to new tasks. Which kind of tasks can do a call center using predictive dialer software? I can't answer this question in this moment because I prefer that you think in some ideas about this issue. Can you imagine something that can impact your organization through the use of predictive dialer software? What do you think about the traditional telephony centrals? The importance of predictive dialer software is they not only provide a higher efficiency they also have the capacity to reduce the time in more than 50%.

As matter as fact, predictive dialer software of today is more efficient thanks to the use of the internet and the VOIP that is producing a revolution in both quality of communication services and improving the capacities of agents in call centers. Predictive dialer software is also a good alternative to managers and supervisors to monitor all the operations and check the quality of the service that is provided to customers. It is an amazing way to see statistics about the calls, those agents that take more time or less time in calls, those agents that provide a better response to customers as well as the agents that are not accomplishing with the script that is established by the company. If you are interested in have your own call center you can evaluate the more efficient solutions that can give you the possibility to migrate to this kind of business.

If you are seeking solutions that clarify the need for hosted predictive dialer and general conditions for the implementation of predictive dialer software you can go to, thank you for reading.

Online Call Center Software

Nowadays more and more contact center or call centers are adopting innovative technologies such as predictive dialers. It is due to fact that it provides a number of advantages over the customary technology. Another thing to consider in it is advanced software. A person's business depends on the functionality and integrity of software provider. It can affect a person's business with its application, revenue generation and profit margins. While selecting the best software, one should make sure that he chooses the right provider so that an organization can have appropriate hosted call center software. It helps in providing immediate functionality to call center and also it supports cyclic market fluctuations.

The best part of availing this software is that there is no requirement of phone, phone lines and hardware equipment. There is only requirement of computer, headphones and a broadband connection. This is a boon to customer service. It enables the business to achieve new heights and it is like an economical blessing for BPO industry, where operations can be adjusted according to market's demand. Due to this flexibility of operation, it prevents unnecessary wastage of valuable resources and thus it prevents loss. With this software, call center dialers can serve their consumers better without any economic burden. So for this reason many call centers have switched over to this software as it helps in reducing call costs as well as it lowers the churn.

This software will be valuable as it will prevent company to make a very expensive investment. So while availing it, an organization should do research and take proper care before deciding a provider. If software is inappropriate or incompatible, it can have adverse effects. Careful selection and evaluation ensures an organization to get the best software. Accurate software can really improve the effectiveness of a call or contact center & it will improve the organization's service arm.

These days' people are quite happy with these types of modern contact center solutions. It is due to fact that with latest technology, old instruments and gadgets are replaced with new internet cables and desktops. These solutions are providing an online solution to contact centers, call centers or BPO and thus it has a major role in business organizations. With help of these benefits, an organization can run their business smoothly and effectively. An organization in order to avail these advantages, can certainly opt for these effective solutions and software.

For more information please visit Vocalcom is a leading supplier of Contact Center Technology, VOCALCOM Hybrid Contact Center Solution and Vocalcom predictive dialers Platforms including Vocalcom Video Call & Web customer management capabilities.

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VOIP Call Center Software

In this raising world of technology, people are looking forward for things which make their life easy to live. Business organizations are all times in wait of new technologies that can raise their business and gain. One such emerging industry is call center industry. They are nowadays switching from premise based solutions technology to hosted contact center solutions technology. call centers have a major role in the business organizations as they proffer wide online solutions to the contact centers. People are quite happy with the modern hosted contact center technology as all the old instruments are replaced by the new agent desktops and internet cables.

Key purpose of these call centers is to render superior business scheme that will make their customer happy. The hosted contact center solutions are also known as VOIP call center solutions. Thus, these are should concentrate on matters like supreme customer care service, lead generation, one call resolution and building good relationship with the customer. Hosted VOIP technology has many benefits like:
  1. Network Management Scalability: under the hosted call centers, its simple to adjust the network pattern by extending or adding the internet or telephonic lines as per the organization demands.
  2. Flexibility: hosted VOIP supplies universal services that suits the users configuration and also offers suitable bandwidth.
  3. No Geographic Restrictions: these centers can be set up anywhere round the world and can use the renowned hosted call center technology.
  4. Bandwidth Efficiency: VOIP hosted centers increases the bandwidth efficiency, as great no. of terminals on the same connection is shared with the network.
Keeping in mind all these features and attributes of hosted centers, one can see that it helps the user in saving money and improvising the organizational development. They also provide cheap calling rates on long distance and international calls. They deliver great audio-video output which facilitates the user to receive the sound, video and data easily from the receivers end. They allow their clients to enjoy flexibility and mobility of process as the calls are routed through IP packets.

To conclude upon, its seen that hosted & VOIP centers are a good style of interacting with people across the world at lower rates and executing business with big flexibility. Setting up hosted virtual call center solutions will increase your business profits and thereby making your life easy to live and enjoy.

For more information please visit Echopass is contact center solutions and services which deliver the promise of the IP hosted contact center. They offer completely integrated, fully customizable virtual call center application suits in software as a service model.

Advanced Call Center Software

A call center service department solely depends on the use of advanced technology. Use of modern technology not only makes their services easy but affordable as well. Today, most call center firms offer a wide diversity of services to the consumers. Recent developments taking place in the call center technology have made it easier for the small businesses to access fast and effective call center solutions. Due to this, small businesses can equip themselves with the latest tools that help them to grow their business ventures further at a more effective and faster way.

The use of latest technology solutions keep your business connected with the potential customers. It also helps to improve the quality of services like never before. For instance, the customer relationship management solutions like- CRM require offering the timely and accurate information to the customers. This also triggers about 100% of business.

The CRM solutions also help to improve the level of productivity through development of the top-level customer relationship ensuring the quality feedback. The innovative CRM software maintains the important database of the call center operations.

Customer Relationship Management support helps to deliver the best services in several ways like maintaining the call history, contact management, follow up dates, appointment setting or scheduling, data import or export and so on.

Other major systems used in a call center are as follows:

Interactive Voice Response System

The Interactive Voice Response system makes the telemarketing services much easier as it's the right way to handle calls automatically. By using the IVR process, the user will be able to analyze the call completion and call percentage.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The ACD is the system to control the distribution of calls, flowing from different destinations. The Automatic Call Distribution is the call matrix followed to route calls in the diverse categories. The ACD system supports the daily call summary by alarms, agents, reporting, call back message support.

Computer Telephony Interaction (CTI)

The computer telephony interaction (CTI) system uses computer applications like UNIX, Windows and the web applications to control the entire phone system. The CTI system makes use of the Universal Phone System to function with the system.

Some of the major services of CTI are transferring calls, receiving the incoming calls, voice mail retrieval, placing the external call and recording the call history.

Predictive Dialing or Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialing system is a unique call process. It involves switching, dialing and even call progress monitoring. Use of such advanced system can be useful to increase the telemarketing productivity. This also helps to promote the outbound telemarketing, market research, debt collection, customer service and follow-up.

Call Monitoring and Recording Solution

This technology helps to improve the overall customer service by remote call monitoring, live monitoring, order entry, call history and 100% call recording and management. The system also offers complex search capabilities for call retrieval by date, telephone number and agent.

For more information about advanced technology software please visit Thank you for reading.

Web Based Call Center Software

Researching call centers online I found a language all to itself. From the famous Asterisk call center software to ZV ports and everything in between. Perhaps the most valuable lesson I learned was what I did and did not need in the system I chose.

Here is what most small to mid-sized businesses need in their call center software or system:
  • A web based system (stay away from buying costly equipment, web based systems are much more cost-effective and efficient)
  • A predictive dialer (this is the only way to effectively maximize your agents' time speaking to callers)
  • Callback and scheduling capability (definitely helpful in maximizing results)
  • VoIP service (much less expensive and higher quality than most phone systems)
  • Portability (you want your workers to be able to work anywhere there is an Internet connection)
  • Customizable forms (so your operators can enter information needed for the next step in the sales process)
  • Call time restrictions (to prevent agents from calling after hours or perhaps during lunch hours to maximize results)
  • Lead management (this is very important)
Many of the available systems on the market allowed for a free trial which is helpful. It made me realize that most systems were not good. We did find one call center software system that worked great. The web-based system offered by SafeSoft Solutions at was the one we settled.

Call Center Reporting Software

Call centre software systems perform a variety of functions such as automating processes, reporting in real time and integrating different channels of communication between agents and customers.

Depending upon the complexity of tasks and the magnitude of the enquiry turnover, there are several types of call centre software systems such as telephone call routing software, predictive diallers and call centre control software etc. available in the market place. Typically, most call centre software solutions have the following features:


Since call centres need to have real time interaction with customers, keeping check of agent performance so as to maintain and improve the quality of customer service, is of critical importance. Call centre software systems perform this task very efficiently by providing real time reports to managers. Performance reports over time can also be produced.

While every call centre software solution provides some standard performance reports, one should look for flexibility and customisability so that the call centre is ready for future challenges and requirements.

Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

The customer needs to be attended to - sooner rather than later is the goal of a call centre striving to serve its customers well. But the number of agents handling many customers over a number of channels makes it tough to manage efficiently if an automatic call routing aide is not available. The automatic call distribution feature of call centre software simplifies this rather complex operation.

Not only does it route the call to an available agent, it also provides any information available on the customer to the agent, thus giving customers a personalised experience.

Call centre software solutions with advanced ACD features can also pick and choose the most appropriate agent for a particular caller based on their past calling history, complexity of problem, agents skill etc. This helps with customers getting the right service in good time.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)

The most frustrating experience for any customer is to call a call centre for the nth time and have to repeat all their details over and over again. Computer telephony integration features stop this kind of situation arising.

The customer's data and previous call history are stored in a computer that is integrated with the telephone system through software. The moment the customer gets connected to an agent, all this data is made visible to that agent on their screen, leaving the customer free to pursue their current problem without having to repeat themselves.

Such is the effectiveness of this feature that computer telephony integration has become a default feature for any call centre software solutions. Advanced versions boast of soft phone functionality (use of computer to control calls) and predictive dialler capabilities (an agent is connected only when a live person answers the automatically placed call).

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Quite a few callers have queries that can be solved by just accessing a database without engaging an agent. An Interactive voice response feature interacts with customers and leads them to a solution through a set of predetermined questions. It is a very important feature, and can be an expensive add on, so do enquire about its availability with your chosen package.

Apart from above mentioned 'must have' features, call centre software solutions generally have some other features like workforce management for real time monitoring, call blending for switching agents between handling inbound calls and outbound calls, and multimedia handling for simultaneously handling of queries over different communication channels such as email, web, fax, chat and phone calls.

The performance of a call centre depends a lot upon the efficiency of the call centre software. So do a thorough investigation of your systems, processes and future plans before deciding upon any call centre software solution - be it operations specific such as telephone call routing software, predictive dialler or general call centre management software. Moreover always go for the software that is scalable and customisable according to your specific business and turnover requirements.

For more information you can go to Thank you for reading.

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Call Center Staffing

Call centers are all about being able to manage the peak demand requirements depending upon the season, day, and product and so on. The most important parameter that talks about the effectiveness of a call center is the fact that how many employees are responding to the calls from the customers on an hourly basis. More than 66% of the operating costs of a call center are related with employee payments.

Determining The Call Center Staffing Requirements

The determination process begins with forecasting calls by analyzing historical patterns, data and trends for arriving at monthly staffing estimates. These estimates are then ultimately broken down into hourly estimates depending upon the time-of-day and day-of-week patterns. Staff workload can be calculated by assuming handling times on an average basis for the forecasted calls.

The handling time includes the conversation time plus the wrap-up time that usually follows a call for purposes such as form filling, updating the database, etc. The practice of employing the handling time number on an average basis is inaccurate as this might lead to overstaffing or understaffing on account of the fact that not everyone works similarly. Also, the scheduling and shrinkage requirements must be properly accounted for at the time of calculating staffing numbers.

Educating The Staff About Schedule Adherence

There is a common tendency amongst the staff members of contact center outsourcing services that they fail to understand the difference that even one event of non-conformance to schedule makes to the total AHT and staffing calculations. Schedule adherence impacts the call center activities based on two parameters:
  • The size and scale of the operations carried out at the call center
  • The service delivery levels in the recent past
Therefore, employees of smaller call centers have to share a greater percentage of workload as compared to bigger call centers and hence, the impact on the total operational efficiency is high.

Criticality Of Staffing Numbers

Data analysis shows that it is imperative to have a greater number of staff as compared to the amount of work that is required to be done in hours. Further insight into the analysis concludes that adding staff after a particular level causes the returns to diminish whereas subtracting staff after a certain level results in a complete downfall of the call center operations.

For an organization which has decided to outsource call center activities to offshore locations, it becomes increasingly difficult to exercise control over the staff functioning. Call center staffing procedures and calculations are adopted by the organization to lay down a metric which will maximize the utilization of the workforce and generate maximum returns out of their activities, in terms of cost as well as service.

For more information you can go to, a contact center service provider website.

Software For Call Center

Call center software is like a productive support for BPO industry. It is an essential part of every call center which wants proficiency and productiveness. Nowadays, people are frequently looking for some kind of reliable solution for their business that can take them to a high level of success. However, it can be possible if they employ some kind systematic procedure. And it is here that call center software plays a important role.

This systematic software generally comes in different forms and varieties. Although, all forms of this software performs with their standardized quality but their features are almost different. The most unique feature of call center software is concerned with its implementation or execution from any location. For example, you can persuade your BPO agents to work from home, this will save your lot of money and will provide you quality work. Moreover, it can easily scrutinize work if you want to keep a close watch on your agents performance. This whole process will increase your business in terms of both money and clients.

Following are some kind of call center software which utilized in BPO industry:
  • Predictive dialer
  • IVR ( Interactive Voice Response )
  • CTI ( Computer Telephony Integration )
  • Voice mail & PBX
  • Auto dialer
This software can be operates in many other industries also, where customer is considered as a top priority. Apart from this, it can also handle call tracking process to data analysis and can maintain both inbound and outbound calling processes.

Call center software can systematize voice messaging for straight marketing procedures, leaving computerized messages on voice mail and answering machines. When a call is transferred to an agent it can save a lot of time and ultimately enhance the productivity.

For more information about call center software you can go to, a global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions through Inbound /Outbound Call processing, Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Information Systems, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Voice Mail Box Software, Telephone Answering Software.

Hosted Call Center Software

Since the emergence of the financial crisis several years ago, IT managers everywhere have faced more challenges than ever before. With budgets shrinking, security threats rising, and a demand for increased customer support, administrators are forced to reassess the practicality of their everyday business practices including call center software and critical data security.

As these struggles continue, more and more organizations are transitioning from on-premise to hosted software in order to increase productivity-as well as to protect themselves against security breaches. So far, there has been a positive response from companies that have made the move to the cloud.

For example, Frontline Call Center, headquartered in Washington State, experienced extraordinary growth from choosing a hosted software solution. After partnering with inContact to more efficiently track customer calls, the company's revenues were raised by 225 percent within the first year. During the second year, Frontline's revenues soared an additional 175 percent. Keep in mind that this growth all occurred within the nation's crippling economy and was facilitated by a capable software company.

As shown by other businesses, making the switch to the cloud could be the solution that so many administrators are looking for. The benefits of leaving on-premise for a more reliable cloud based solution are myriad. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is its affordable security. If a call center implements premise based solutions, they end up carrying the responsibility of sensitive data security and industry compliance-whereas with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based solution, businesses are given extensive access to top security options at a far more reasonable price.

Any good cloud based call center software should help you dodge the expensive upgrade and maintenance fees that unavoidably accompany most premise based infrastructures. Along with the benefit of avoiding the costly constraints of on-premise software, cloud computing keeps you free of geographic bonds. Not to mention, hosted software solutions allows for at-home agent access in an efficient and far more affordable way. This capability just isn't available with premise based methods. Enabling an at-home agent with these old-fashioned software solutions requires a secondary hardware add-on, which is difficult to configure and very costly.

A well-designed on-demand solution should offer the same services to multi-site centers that use more diverse worker models, such as offshore, outsource and at-home. With the right cloud based software, all of these work models should operate as one, regardless of their placement.

By choosing hosted call center software services, users can always stay connected with the most updated technology to deliver the highest quality of service. With on premise software, these kinds of updates are not available to users as often as they need to be. Furthermore, to make important updates, an inconvenient and expensive process must be followed. On-demand services can provide quarterly upgrades. These advancements are far less expensive and happen in the cloud- eliminating the cost of IT servicemen and new hardware.

The benefits of switching to cloud based call center software stretch beyond affordability-it provides an opportunity to ensure data security and stay up-to-date on the latest services, as well as easily expand on a global level. Wisely choosing a cloud based call center software could transform your business in ways similar to Frontline's growth with inContact. When choosing a SaaS solution make sure that it will provide you with all of the necessary services to combat this recession-battered economy. You don't have to continue struggling with the current economic demands-make the cloud your solution.

For more information about hosted call center software you can go to, Thank you for reading.

Customer Call Center Software

Though it is undeniable that the dot-com boom has paved way for a large number of IT solution providers to come into being; however, at the same time it has made the task of selecting software solutions a lot more challenging. Especially if you are looking for a customer support software solution, every other provider is there with its tall claims and promises of great ROI. However, understandably the competence level of the providers vary by a great deal and hence, you must be very careful when it comes to selecting a solution for customer service call center.

It is apparent that customer support software is the backbone of every customer service call center and plays a pivotal role in its success. Hence, when choosing the solution, you need to consider the following factors:

Implementation Cost

Although you may find a provider offers exceptionally low purchase cost of the solution, but at the same time may overcharge you for the implementation. Therefore, when short listing the options, always ensure that the solution you have chosen has a reasonable implementation cost.

Integration Support

With organizations relying on numerous tools and applications to satiate their functional requisites, it has become quintessential to ensure that the solution you opt for is integrable with the tools and applications being used in your organization and ensure seamless operations.

Maintenance Support

This is another extremely important aspect to consider when choosing a software solution for your customer service call center. Any downtime is directly proportional to your loss; hence, ensure that the solution you backed by efficient maintenance support from the provider.

Licensing Terms

The licensing terms must be decided after considering the number of customer support representative working with your organization. Here, it is important to take into consideration any ramp-ups the origination may have in the pipeline.


As every company hopes to grow with time, it is important to ensure that the solution you buy is scalable as per the projected growth of your organization. This will not only save you from the hassles involved in changing the solution, but will also save you a substantial amount of money.

If you are looking for a solution offering the perfect blend of efficiency and cost-effectiveness, it is advisable that you go for a web based customer care call center solution. Furthermore, by opting for a web-based customer support software solution, you will save yourself from having to make the large investments required for traditional customer service software solutions.

For more information please visit, their mission is to provide the authentic and determined information so you can make an informed decision about customer service call center.

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Call Tracking Software

Call tracking software can be slightly misleading in the sense that the title gives the impression of simply recording a phone number or missed call. The reality however, is somewhat different. Businesses need to know who is calling them and why. Businesses need to be able to talk to customers and clients to make sales.

  • Is your staff able to answer every call?
  • Do you feel you are losing business due to nobody being available to answer all the calls your company receives?
  • Would a software solution which could inform you within minutes that a call had been missed be of use to you?
  • Would it benefit your company if you had statistical data on which departments and staff members were answering calls and which were not?
  • Would it benefit your company if you could identify which of your staff or departments were natural sales people and which were not so good?
  • Would it benefit your company if you could record the conversation between customer and staff member for analysis and training purposes?
If yes, then consider the following reasons your company needs call tracking software. With this in place you can:

  • Identify the source of calls by keyword. The better call tracking software can follow it from first click on a search engine result page or website source, and track the call to see if it led to a sale. With this information you can slash marketing budgets by avoiding spend on underperforming keyword and reallocate money to where it is working.
  • Monitor staff performance through recording calls and analysing sales techniques. This leads on to identifying training and or underperformance issues. With call tracking software in place you can ensure staff are performing to the required standards and be at the top of their game.
  • Recording missed calls or opportunities. This enables staff to call back the potential customer or client within minutes of receiving the call. This gives great potential to maximising sales leads and not losing them to a competitor. A customer could well have a credit card in their hand when they call you for a product or a service, so every missed call potentially costs you dearly.
  • Analysing which staff and department perform and which does not. With this ability your business can identify to the person who performs and who requires training. When combined with other features of call tracking such as call recording a wealth of information about your business performance is at your fingertips.
Choosing the right software

The call tracking software industry is evolving and companies can now offer services such as call tracking to some degree, which provides some or all or the above points. Currently, in the UK only one company can offer the full range of call tracking services, and this should be the company which should be at the top of your outsourcing list.

For more information please visit, calltracks is a pioneer in the call tracking and conversion attribution tracking industry. Their call tracking software includes performance management of staff, call recording and analysis, sales lead management, and prospecting.

Call Center CRM Software

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is automated business ability making this system very simple to use and very quick as well. This system will allow you agents to concentrate on the job at hand, which is selling and not entering copious amounts of data. Lead reservation can be simply done automatically and the system will do the work for you, making this a very good business decision as your agents will have more time for selling and making those ever important calls.

The CRM which is an Open Source Tool can make the job of maintaining the call center and for making the easy to use system very user friendly indeed. This CRM has all the features that you will require to keep your agents well on top of things at the coal face and have them making even more calls per hour and increasing the overall efficiency of the center.

Combining with a Preview Dialer is to make this system one of the best on the market and the combination will enhance the productivity by making placing those important calls to customers even easier. Each telephone number becomes just a mouse click away and this make for ease of use, or create a call list from the CRM to compliment the joining of these two systems to further enhance the overall efficacy of the center once again.

You can be sure of increasing sales and customer service with the joining of these two systems and the agents will love you for it, as well as being open sourced Prostar CRM has featured highlights that are simply integrated into sales and further made-to-order Lead Generation and lead management, with built in sales forecasts and also examine your advertising campaigns.

Being a web based system this easy to use and well maintained product will only enhance the overall performance of your center with the lesser need for administering as this is done mainly for you. And upgrading is a simple operation also, so it is a winning combination that will only improve the customer satisfaction of your business and further the standing you have with your existing and new clientèle. This is an affordable option to your managing your call center and leveraging the power of the internet you can't go wrong, you only have to log in and you're basically away and running.

The Pro Star Features, most cost effective CRM in the world, Integrated with Call Center Software, Marketing Reports, unequaled user credence, simple to use, fully integrated with websites, auto lead generation and the list goes on this is the answer to those nagging problems that you may be experiencing with your current system, what not check it out?

For more information you can go to, Promero is application service provider of Internet-based call center CRM and lead management software.

Call Center Script

A call center is all about services and communication is the lynchpin of their services. To speak effectively and accurately, a good call center script is must for agents who go live and provide answering services. A call center script is much more and beyond than basic answering lines of 'How can I help you'. It is about the improvisations, marking up speech or of the text passage to shorten it so that agent do not lose breath while talking; insert pauses and proper rehearsal of the words or sentence clauses they need to emphasize upon. An agent should possess good improvisation skills to direct the conversation towards a positive way.

A good call center script should be appropriate for both the company and its products. It should enlist all the possible queries and questions; a customer is supposed to ask. Along with a good written script, an agent should possess good improvisation skills to direct the conversation towards a positive way. Here are some important tips to create a good and effective communication tool for your clients.

1. Tongue Twisters: A script, starting from the welcome phrase to end greetings should be simple and easy to articulate. Operators should pronounce the words without accent and easily. The script should be brief in nature and should not have any repeated consonant sounds.

2. Time: A simple hello will be enough for your all global customers. As outsourcing service providers BPO and offshore contact centers have 12 hours of hiatus between the standard time so, a good morning or good evening may not help.

3. Trust: Be patient and polite with your customers. Try to empathize with his problems and create trust. Avoid speaking like a recorder or IVR machine.

4. Temptation: Make your script short and sweet. Avoid temptation to fill everything in between and gush when needed. It is recommended to keep a copy of Frequently Asked Questions as these have the answers of almost ninety nine percent of queries.

5. Test: Never try the patience of customer. Long pauses or hold for a reply can make them feel to never come back. In case, if necessary ask them to call back.

6. Tweak: Edit your script like a ruthless dictator and make it action oriented.

7. Track: See, compare and analyze the changes in the personal and professional performance after making necessary changes in scripts.

A good call center script increases the conversion rates and decreases the dropped call logs. It is always better to work on a call script with a representative from the company because they are the ones who know ins and outs of their product and services.

For more information please visit Vcare is a business outsourcing company offering high-quality, cost-effective inbound call center, technical helpdesk, call center services, back office support and software development services to all sized businesses across the Globe.

Call Center Services and Training

While service industry is booming, call center services and training has become very important. A call center is but a telephone-receiving station that serves as customer a voice-based customer support center for various clients. It is a toll-free line that responds to the customer calls and delivers them relevant information. The customer need not have to do the legwork or undergo the tedious process. The call center executive locates the right person, passes customer queries, and keeps the orders/complaints.

Large airlines, banks, telephone operators, mutual funds and manufacturing companies have generally their own customer cares. And small and medium sized organizations outsource their customer support services to large call center services companies. Call centers whether in-house or offshore, helps the companies concentrate on their core operations.

A call center provides trained consultants and adequate telecom facilities. It has access to a wide database, internet and other online information and support infrastructure. Mostly it operates 24x7.

Customer cares have become a mandatory feature in the service industry where customer support plays a crucial role in getting competitive edge. Because, the primary determinant in these industries is frequent interaction with a broad client base. No wonder, that's why they have become so popular in developed countries such as the USA, Europe, Japan and Australia. And steadily that trend is coming into developing countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and China. But so far, the major call enter companies set ups in these countries serve as the offshore centers for the multi-national companies of US and Europe. Nonetheless, domestic call centers are also booming.

Call Center Support Tools:
  • Help Desk Solutions: Help desk combines web-based versatility with desktop to help call support executive with a more efficient customer-service or help desk operation. It is a powerful and easy to use, fully featured help desk application that allows organizations to effectively manage internal and external client support. Help desk provides a single, shared database for logging help desk issues, notifying support personnel and tracking problem resolution.
  • Predictive Dialers: It is an automated dialing system that empowers call centers so that they can spend most of the time talking to live customers. Predictive dialers detect answering machines, busy signals and ringing tones where no one can answer the phone. The dialers screen these calls to ensure agents speak to live people.
  • Call Monitoring: It lets you listen to and record agents' calls. It enables you to provide feedback to agents understand what's good about their performance and the improvement measures. It ensures that the customers receive quality service from call center.
For more information please visit Thank you for reading.

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Best Call Center Software

8 Important Features That a Best Call Center Software Must Have

The proliferation of call centers and their growing popularity has led to a huge demand for call center software and such software is essential for every call center who wants to increase and maintain their proficiency and productivity.

They allow one to manage interactions, reduce hold time, route calls immediately to ideal agents, provide detailed call reports and assist in customer communication. However, not all call center software is up to the mark. Here are some features which are a must in any outbound or inbound call center software.

1. Easy to understand navigable lay-out

Keeping in mind the requirements of call centers, various General User Interface (GUI) based software units are being developed to provide a unique platform for the user to carry on interactions with their callers without any interference. Moreover, GUI can also be used for the task of gathering and producing information.

Remember, whichever GUI software you prefer for your call center it must be clear and easy to read. It must help the users to easily understand its functionality. The GUI software should be such that a user must be able to navigate his way through the numerous processes without getting lost.

2. Callback function to keep the caller happy.

With call center software it is important to have call back function as it allows the caller, whose call is not processed at the time of call, to instruct the system to establish the connection whenever the line is available. This is done by the system by retaining both the called and calling numbers, redialing the called number periodically and alerting the caller when the connection has been made. This way, the caller will not be disappointed.

3. Built in real time statistics

In any contact centers, there are numerous data that need to be kept track off and the most challenging part is to use the data effectively. Call center software has built-in real time statistics that make it easy to establish communication with agents and executives instantly. Real time statistics built right into the software, helps the users to see and process the displayed data and make the correct decisions in real time.

4. Manage time with built-in IVR

A built-in Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system greets caller and prompts them to enter enquiries over their telephone keypad. It helps in providing the caller with a lot of information without burdening the call center agent and by reducing the time spent by the agent providing repetitive and standard details. It therefore helps by increasing the efficiency call agents. IVR is a must have software for any call center as it helps a call center agent to spend their time in a more productive way.

5. Improve communication with pop-up screens

For incoming call software, a pop-up window is an essential. With a pop-up window, the call center agent will be able to see the caller's name, address, time of call, and other pertinent information on his/her screen. This feature helps in maintaining a database with various details about the caller and so it becomes easy to establish a good call agent and caller relationship.

6. Handling computer calls

With various call center software, there are call routing solutions to help call agents handle calls more effectively. In the longer term, efficiently routing and handling customer phone calls, chats, e-mail, and other media boosts the call center's productivity. With call routing software, one gets valuable information related to a caller, like the time of call, duration of call, geographical location etc. This information helps to direct the caller to the agent who can help the caller best.

7. Quality monitoring capability

As quality assurance is important for the success of any call center software, it is important for the call center software to be equipped with the capacity for real time monitoring. It will allow the supervisor to keep track of past records of the interactions between the call center agents and the callers to check on the performance quality of the agents.

8. Customisable elements

The best way to judge the quality of any call center software is to review its customisable, flexible and scalable features. The more flexible is the software, the more it will suit the changing requirements of the call center company. With a feature enriched and easy-to-use call center software solution; there will be an increasing number of callers being handled which will ultimately improve the productivity of a call center.

For more information please visit Thank you for reading.

Outbound Call Center Services

Today, there are many companies offering outbound telemarketing services in the market. Most of them encompass an innovative call center setup meeting diverse needs and requirements. Many service providers come equipped with the advanced tools that enable them to create successful marketing calls for your services and products.

In any company, every outbound call gets recorded with an aim to ensure that the quality of calls made from an outbound call center does not get deteriorated. Outbound calls stand important as it generally refers to an on going conversation between one prospective customer and the agent.

The expertise and experience in handling the outbound call center services stands essential to accomplish every project successfully. Today, the BPO firms include well trained professionals who will be undertaking every project to accomplish their tasks well. Every project that is undertaken for sales and marketing of different services and products stands crucial to bring about the right solution in all respect.

The outbound call center services include a range of well-appointed services. These include product or service promotion, appointment scheduling, market research and survey, mortgage lead generation, email follow up, sales and marketing, voice broadcast and others.

Appointment Setting or Scheduling:

The appointment setting activities as offered as a part of the outbound services form to be the keystone of generating the new business avenues. It forms to be the most competent business to business communication channel that needs a complete administrative program to make sure that the appointments are rightly scheduled, by every field representative in a resourceful way possible.

Market Research and Survey

All companies have a mission. The mission of firms offering outbound services is to offer its clients with the information that can be put into use as immediately as possible for making the organizational decisions and critical business. It is outstanding performance that matters in each campaign or project so as to ensure better customer support.

Product/ Service Promotion

Putting in use the state of art infrastructure, most outbound call center companies aim to offer its clients with the information that can be well put into use as quickly as possible. It is through the use of advanced infrastructure that companies will be assured of getting solution based approach that meets e-commerce and telephonic needs, connected to any product campaign and also the following promotion.

Sales and Marketing

Companies engaged in offered outbound call center services bring about all inclusive sales and marketing services that ensure generation of significant revenues for clients. Several strategies are used to undertake a particular marketing or sales campaign.

Voice Broadcast:

Voice broadcasting or voice broadcast stands for the delivery of the pre recorded voice messages to any live person or answering machine or sometimes both. This is by far, one of the most economical and cost effective ways for reaching out employees, prospects, customers and groups.

Email Follow Up:

The outbound call centers are generally specialized in improving and increasing the rates of business conversion, maximizing the campaign effectiveness and also building a strong customer relationships through the direct mail follow up.

To know more about BPO services and call center services you can go to where you will get a wide array of necessary information on business process outsourcing and call centre services.

Call Center Software Reviews

The Oracles Contact Anywhere Call Center is a very useful tool for inbound sales and marketing, the amalgamated software mixture is used for its solution based routes calls which are supported by the agent in real time. This is especially beneficial if you are operating in different time zones as it allows the agents in these other areas to operate in real time and within the same call center software program.

You can distribute your calls and contacts based on the following criteria, language, the time of day, maybe the skill type, the product, or geographical location. This all combines to one very useful package and enables the agents that are specified by this call types to respond quickly and efficiently. This way you can be in constant conversion to a sales opportunity of each correspondence, be it telephone call, email, fax or inbound call.

This allows your agents the freedom to work from home or office and gives the freedom of movement within your organization. You can get very good long distance rates with this kind of package and you can also view the type of call or of the completion of this and also wrap up metrics. In this way you can be up to date on happenings within your business and you will know immediately on how each agent is performing.

Customer satisfaction is the number one key in this business type and remains very high on the list of 'must dos', as your customers are what drive your business this will be the focal point of your business plan. Customers need the up to date information in order to make the informed choices they have to make in order to keep up return custom, this is where inbound sales are very important as when the customer is contacting you they are serious about the products that you offer.

With this system you can stay on top of the many inbound calls your business receives on a daily basis and keep abreast of the many changes that take place every day as well. Having so many channels of communication makes this an important option and having the system that can handle so many types is very important to your success. In this way you can have agents monitoring the inbound sales queries that come to you in many different forms.

Being able to create reports on your inbound calls is very important as well as you need to know which advertising campaigns are working and which ones need a boost or changes are to be made. So to keep ahead of the competition is very important to your success and you need to know certain things about the types of customers that call your company and what are the mainstream type questions or information that they seek? All this is possible with the right system and the Oracle Contact Anywhere Call Center makes this possible to achieve.

Keeping track of inbound calls is very important and the trends need to be mapped in some format so they can be analyzed and the results will give you a definite point on which to focus your business goals.

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Call Center Monitoring

The outsourced contact centers industry has never been more keen and tough on ensuring that they give their clients the best service. In line with this, they consider customer interaction as the heart of their business, because monitoring calls made by agents determines the quality of service they provide for their clients. Some factors that also affect monitoring are the tools technology and the monitoring program that is being followed. These are not the only gauges, but, these are mostly essential to any call center.

Listening to Calls

Most call center companies have found out that listening to calls proves to be a crucial part of call client monitoring. This should be done on a regular basis, so that the management can gather relevant information on how to improve the quality of service they provided for their customer. This could also serve as a basis for providing immediate feedback for the agents to improve their performance. Listening to calls can help the management evaluate whether their services match their customers' needs. Approaches could be varied from listening to recorded interactions, to being a mystery caller that agents cater to.

Monitoring the Program

There are appropriate monitoring programs for different call center environments. The rule to remember is to find measurable components in a customer-agent interaction. These components then are refined and become the standards to follow. Importantly, agents and decision makers must have the same understanding on what these standards are about, and how to achieve these standards. Having a clear understanding prepares agents on what is expected from them, while the organization can concentrate on how to optimize their monitoring program. Decision makers should not forget that the customer feedback is equally important in monitoring quality, thus, it should be included in a good monitoring program.

Tools and Technology

Another important element in call center monitoring is the use of tools and technology needed for quality control. The risks of human error makes the quality monitoring challenging as agents may commit mistakes in the process of interacting with clients. In choosing the right tools as well as the technology to be used for monitoring, it is important to include this aspect. An organization that handles mistakes properly is always at an advantage. So, contact centers are offered different tools as well as technology to choose from. Usually, software and hardware alike are acquired and intended to measure the time spent on every customer interaction.

Call center monitoring requires certain standards in ensuring quality service. Every contact center management should optimize their monitoring programs as well as the tools and technology used in monitoring. They should see to it that listening to calls are made on a regular basis, to immediately assess areas on which they need to improve on monitoring the quality service they provide. Hence the heart of the matter lies with each call that every call agent makes.

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